Organic Coconut Milk Caramels - Original

$ 5.85


About this Product:  It's hard to believe caramel can be dairy-free and made with healthy ingredients, but it is true.  Coconut milk and brown rice syrup work perfectly to recreate the traditional flavor and texture we've loved for years. Caramels as we know them have been a classic candy favorite, around since the late 1800s. We might remember enjoying them as a child, but probably never thought about what they were made from...which was usually processed cow's milk, corn-syrup, GMO-beet sugar, butter, and cheap oils. Now you can enjoy the chewy, gooey, caramel goodness and feel great about it. 

Nutritional Bonus:  Coconut is believed to be one of world's healthiest foods. It is naturally anti-viral & anti-bacterial, so it can help keep away infection and harmful bacteria. It is a healthy fat that is actually good for your heart, and can aid in weight loss by boosting your metabolism, and keeping you full.  Organic brown rice syrup is used as the main sweetener here, which has a slightly lower glycemic index then regular sugar.

Ingredients:  Organic Coconut cream (organic coconut, water), Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum

Allergen:  Processed in a facility that also processes dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, & soy.