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Organic Mayan Spice Truffles

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About this Product:  Dense, rich, raw chocolate almond butter truffles, lightly spiced with maca, mesquite, and vanilla. Chocolate sourced from fairly-traded heirloom cacao beans in Equador is used to make these rich, soft, decadent, raw chocolate fudge truffles.   

2 large truffles come in a box. 

Nutritional Bonus:  Maca is a root native to South America, that has been ground and used as a healing medicine for thousands of years.  The root is an adaptogen, which means it balances our body's hormonal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. Due to this, Maca has been known to reduce stress, energize, and improve libido.  The raw cacao used in these is chocolate in it's purest form, which has the highest amount of magnesium of any food, and tons more health benefits

Ingredients:  Organic Unroasted Cacao, Organic Raw Almond Butter, Organic Yacon Syrup, Organic Maca, Organic Mesquite, Organic Vanilla Bean, & Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Allergen Information: These contained almonds, and are processed in a facility where there are also cashews.