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Imagine if you could indulge in something sweet and delicious, without feeling guilty?  You don’t have to compromise your health and your values to enjoy sweets! 

Did you swear off sour gummies a long time ago? Or maybe you eat healthy most of the time, but still buy your favorite candy bar, because you didn’t know there’s a healthier alternative? 

Organic Vegan Gummy Bears

That’s where HunnyBon comes in to open up a world of possibilities.  A healthy candy store, with healthier and better alternatives to the typical sweets you find everywhere. Whether its candies, chocolates, desserts, or sweet snacks, you’ll find something at HunnyBon to satisfy that craving, without all the bad ingredients usually found in candy and sweets.

We do the label reading for you. Every product and company has been researched, hand picked, and approved by a nutritional counselor, with the health of you, animals, and the planet in mind. HunnyBon approved products are:


      • organic
      • vegan
      • sustainably produced
      • minimally processed

and Always Free From:

      • GMOs
      • refined sugars, corn syrup, & HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup)
      • dairy & animal products
      • artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and additives
      • preservatives
      • pesticides
      • transfats

Do healthy candies taste good? They taste even better.  How can they not when they're all made consciously, in smaller batches, with high quality ingredients.  Don't you want to try?  

HunnyBon is here to guide you through your sweet cravings, and help you indulge without the guilt.  If you want to read more about what’s in all the conventional candy, take a look here.  If you heard enough and are ready to enjoy, you can go straight here.

Who's behind HunnyBon? Here's the story.

Organic Vegan Gummy Bears