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Hunny = (n)  a play on words for a natural sweetener, or a very sweet someone
Bon = (adj)  coming from the latin word "bonus" meaning good, & used in French to describe all good things (bon-apetit) including candy, which are considered "good-good" (bon-bon).


Kimberly Silver, Founder & CEO

Kimberly is a Certified Health Coach, with a deep appreciation for healthy sweets. Her love for candy started at an early age, from trips with grandpa to the old fashioned candy shop, filling up a white paper bag with dots and licorice, to a high school job at the local mall's candy store.  It wasn't until post college, that things started to change.  A move to a beach town and wanting to watch her figure, Kim began to become conscious of what she was eating. After learning about sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredients, she never skipped lunch for a bag of candy again!  She realized that as she changed her diet, she began to feel more alert and energetic, and that started a journey from which she would never look back.

Not long after, Kimberly moved to NYC to study nutrition, and received a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  The link between food ingredients and processing, disease, and the environment was now just too apparent, and the reality of where our food comes from and how it is made, set her out on a mission to create change. She became a non-GMO activist, and committed vegan, and was excited how the food industry was changing, and awareness was growing so quickly.  Every once in a while, she would walk by a candy store, and think about how that was something that hadn't yet changed, wishing that the goodies inside could actually be "good"...or at least not so bad.  She realized that there actually was no resource to find healthier, conscious sweets. Then one day, Kim met an organic gummy bear who changed her world.  Organic unrefined sugar, colors and flavors made from fruit, tapioca instead of gelatin, and even a bit of real Vitamin C! Then came organic dark chocolate, with organic cane and coconut sugar, 'milk' chocolate made with rice milk, and even chocolate covered superfoods. She set out to search for more, and decided that she was going to create what was missing in this world of conscious consumerism...a conscious confectionary.  As she learned in nutrition school, it is important to clean up your diet, figure out what foods work best for your body, and stay physically active, but with all of this, balance is still key.  For kids, and for the little kid inside of us all, now there is HunnyBon.  

The years of pursuit of a healthy, conscious lifestyle, and counseling clients to do the same have definitely mellowed out her sweet tooth (no more bags of sweets in place of lunch, even if they are organic).  But when Kim wants something sweet, she knows how to do it right, and she wants nothing more than to share that option with all of you.   

Want to be her HunnyBon?