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What does it mean to be "HunnyBon Approved"?

Every single product sold by HunnyBon (and the company who made it), has been researched thoroughly and handpicked by a nutritional counselor.  All products are:
    • Always: vegan, organically sourced, sustainably produced
    • Always free from: refined sugars, corn syrup & HFCS, GMOs, dairy, animal products, trans-fats, artificial colors/flavors/additives

We've been asking tons of questions, and even driving people crazy along the way, so that we could fully stand behind everything we sell. We wanted to make it easy for you to find healthy sweets, and not have to worry about reading labels, misleading marketing, or just being overwhelmed. While we hope you will feel confident about our products and standards, it is our hope to raise awareness to the issues in our food system, so we still always encourage the practice of label reading in general, consumer education, and always asking questions.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions any time.


What does "organic" mean?

Organic means that no GMOs (genetically modified organisms), synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or any other artificial additives are used in a product, or its ingredients. “USDA Organic” or “Certified Organic” means the item or its ingredients are 95% or more certified organic.

What does “organically sourced” mean?

Every product carried by HunnyBon is either “Certified Organic” by a government recognized certifier, or made using mostly organic ingredients. We’ve researched every product and every company, to make sure they are not using any ingredients or processes that are not "HunnyBon Approved", and never using GMOs. Many companies do have the actual certification, but there are also some great smaller companies out there that can’t afford the certification, but go to great lengths to use only organic ingredients and practices. These food makers are doing beautiful things, and we want to support more companies like this, so eventually they will be able to afford the certification.

Why should candy be organic?

Most conventional, non-organic candy is made using artificial flavors and colors, corn-syrup and HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup), refined sweeteners, cheap processed ingredients, GMO ingredients, preservatives, transfats, and even plastics.  All these ingredients have been linked to serious health disorders like ADD/ADHD, Autism, Cancer, Infertility, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Asthma/Allergies, Learning Disorders, Nerve Damage and even Brain Damage.  The rates of diabetes, obesity, and allergies in both adults and children in the United States has drastically increased in the past few decades, and it is commonly believed that this is due to our food system.

What about chocolate?

Chocolate is the common name for the products made from cacao beans.  The cacao beans themselves are natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and one of the highest food sources of Magnesium.  Unfortunately we don’t receive the benefits of this, when the chocolate is highly processed, and mixed with artificial and processed ingredients.  Some chocolate is also highly sprayed with pesticides, which even though approved by the EPA, have been linked to cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, genetic damage, thyroid effects, headaches, and other issues.
In addition, the chocolate industry is rampant with human rights violations, including child slavery, impoverished farmers, unfair wages, and inhumane work conditions. Many of the big chocolate companies you are familiar with have been incriminated in these practices.

Why is HunnyBon’s chocolate better?

All the chocolate products carried by HunnyBon of course have none of those scary ingredients found in conventional chocolate, and many are raw and minimally processed, so you are actually getting some of the health benefits from the cacao.  All of the chocolate used in products carried by HunnyBon is very high quality - organically produced, fair-trade, and single origin. 

What is “Fair-trade”?

Fair-trade means that the farmers and workers involved in the chocolate making process are paid fair wages, work in good conditions, and are treated well. Some products are officially certified by Fair-Trade USA. Other companies that don’t have the certification, often work directly with the farmers, who are often in developing countries, to ensure good conditions and fair compensations themselves. Many put a portion of the money from the sales of their products back into the countries, to help support their economies. 

What is "Single-Origin"?

Single-origin chocolate is made from cacao beans sourced only from one type of cacao plant, from one specific region.  The cacao plant is affected by the “terroir” where it grows, which gives it specific characterstics. Similar to wine or coffee sourced from specific grapes/beans, and specific regions, it’s another way to appreciate chocolate.  Chocolate that is not single-origin is a blend of different cacao beans, from different regions, which can still be wonderful, delicious, quality chocolate, just like a beautiful red wine made of a blend of grapes.

What are GMOs?

GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms”.  They are living organisms who’s genetic material has been manipulated in a laboratory using genetic engineering. This is most commonly done with the majority of soy, cotton, canola, and sugar beet crops, which unfortunately find their way into most of our processed food (including almost all non-organic chocolate and candy).
Most crops are genetically engineered to withstand direct application of herbicides and/or to produce an insecticide.  A growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage, and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.  GMOs are significantly restricted or banned in more than 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all the EU.  In the US, GMOs have been approved based on studies by the same corporatios that created them and profit from their sale.  Feel free to read more about this issue from our friends at the Non-GMO project.  No HunnyBon products ever contain any GMOs.

Are there any food colors or dyes used in HunnyBon products?

There are no synthetic dyes, chemical food coloring, or any other artificial coloring used in any products carried by HunnyBon.  Any colors you see are only those made from natural sources, like fruits & vegetables extracts.

What is wrong with artificial food colors?

There are 7 petrochemical-derived artificial colors that remain on the FDA’s approved list - some of which are banned in other countries. They have been linked to cancer, hyper-activity in children (ADD, ADHD), and allergic reactions.

    How can I get HunnyBon in NYC?

    If you're in NYC, there are a few options to get HunnyBon!

    • On-demand: You can order delivery from our website with Postmates, or look for us on the apps UberEats or DoorDash
    • Shipping: Priority shipping from our website with USPS usually takes 1-2 days!
    • NYC Shops: Find a selection of our goodies at our friends Good Seed Salad, Clover Grocery, Orchard Grocer, Inwood Gourmet, & Riverdel


    How does your shipping work?

    We ship to all 50 states, and offer many options so you can choose what's best for you:

            • USPS Priority Mail (1-3 business days)
            • FedEx Home Delivery (if you want a little more security with your priceless goods)
            • FedEx 2 Day/2 Day AM (if you need your candy package rushed)
            • FedEx Priority Overnight (if you need your candy package really rushed)


    How will my products be packaged?

            • All of our loose candies are packaged in clear BPA-free food bags.
                • Each bag is sealed with a resealable sticker, so in the highly unlikely case you don't finish it all in one sitting, you can close and try to keep some for later...(let us know how that goes!)
                • For hand delivery, all candy bags and pre-packaged bars will be put in a reusable HunnyBon tote bag, which will come with a little gift tag. The tag will have the name, address, and phone number of lucky recipient of these treats.  
                • For shipped packages, all candy bags and bars will sit on a bed of recycled tissue paper, inside our custom HunnyBon shipping boxes.  We can add a bow and a gift card with your custom message, for an extra $3.


    Is HunnyBon's packaging sustainable?

    HunnyBon values both nutrition and sustainability. We set out to find the most sustainable packaging options possible, exploring all biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials.  After months of searching, we were excited to find clear compostable bags made from a wood cellulose material that looked just like plastic.  Unfortunately once we put them to use, they quickly wrinkled, creased, and did not hold up like we had hoped. We decided that for now, our customers would not be happy with these bags, no matter how sustainable. So in the meantime we've chosen what we feel is the best option, but will constantly stay on the look out as more advances are made.  >
  • All of our loose candies are packaged in clear PP bags, that are considered to be one of the safer plastics.  This is the material used for most yogurt containers and drinking straws, and does not contain BPA. Nothing is heated and these bags stay in dark, shaded places, where no light can lead to leaching.  These bags can be recycled in a #5 recycling center.  Check here for locations near you. 
  • Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. 
  • Chocolate bars and other packaged candies come in small paper bags, made from 100% recycled paper.
  • We choose to use reusable tote bags, instead of paper or plastic bags or boxes.  Please feel free to reuse these as much as you can! So far they’ve been used as lunch bags, convenient gym carriers (for water bottle, phone, & keys), and as a little something for the extra things you can’t fit in your purse.  Show us how you like to use your HunnyBon bags, and we'll post it on our social media!

    What About Gifts?

    All HunnyBon products come gift ready, whether delivered in our reusable tote, or our beautiful shipping box.  If you want to add a little extra something, we can seal your bag with a bow and custom gift card. Tell us your message in the "special instructions" section of the checkout. We have also put together 3 specialty gift boxes,which you can see here


    Do you do custom orders, favors, or special events?

    Weddings, birthdays, showers, corporate events...HunnyBon would love to make something special for your special day.  Please write to us.