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It's natural to have a sweet tooth...

you just have to indulge it in a healthier way, and HunnyBon is here to help.


Candy has been around for much longer than you think.  The ancient Persians and Greeks got their sweet fix making candy from sugarcane and honey.   In the Middle Ages, candy was used as medicine, to cure digestive issues. Notice a trend here? A sweet tooth is a natural thing...we are biologically built to crave sweet foods because they are a source of energy.  Somewhere it all took a wrong turn, along with the rest of the food industry.  So HunnyBon is bringing candy back to its natural roots.      

As conscious consumers, we demand healthier ingredients, transparency, and sustainable practices. We know where to get our healthy groceries, we know where to go for a healthy lunch or dinner.  But what happens when it comes to sweets? Finally, HunnyBon is here to help. No more cold turkey. No more "cheating" with artificial junk. Delicious and healthier sweets we can enjoy ourselves, and feel better about giving to our kids. 

Our sweeteners range from organic cane sugar to coconut nectar, dates, stevia, and erythritol.  All the ingredients are "clean", things you can feel better about putting in your body, or giving to those you love.  We can't wait for you to try!