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Raw Dark Chocolate Bar

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About this Product:  This perfect rich, raw dark chocolate bar sweetened with organic coconut sugar, only 2 organic ingredients. An indulgence that is truly guilt free, brought to you all the way from Australia.

The beans in this bar have travelled 100 miles by canoe to get to the nearest road. From the remote Rio Ene, one of the main sources of the Amazon river, they are an indigenous wild variety of criollo cacao, harvested from the Amazon jungle by the Asháninka people of the Kemito Ene cooperative. This unroasted ceremonial grade cacao has notes of aniseed and fennel, beautifully combining with the toffee notes of coconut sugar to create a unique flavor with hints of coffee. This fragrant chocolate is Loving Earth's tribute to the purity of real cacao.

Tasting Notes:  Coffee, Savory Anise, Dark Toffee

Origin: This bar contains Ashaninka cacao harvested by the Ashaninka indigenous community at the source of the Amazon River in the Rio Ene region of Peru, and coconut sugar from Java, Indonesia. Made with love in Melbourne

Why we love this Company:  These products truly embody the philosophy of the Loving Earth company: "Healthy - Sustainable - Fair".  They work with small, indigenous organic grower communities from all around the world, from Australia to Indonesia, from Mexico to Peru. They use only organic, nutrient dense, wholefood ingredients, which are minimally processed. Their sustainable packaging is 97% post-consumer recycled fiber, and the inner wrapping is compostable.  

Ingredients:   Raw Cacao Beans* (72%) Coconut Sugar* (28%). *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Allergen Info:  Product contains coconut and traces of other tree nuts.